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Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill is a popular place for lunch or dinner in the heart of Auckland. Whether you are looking for a relaxing meal with your family or want to celebrate a special occasion with friends, our seafood restaurant has something for everyone.

Why You Should Eat At Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill

It’s a classy seafood restaurant overlooking the waterfront in the Ferry Building. Harbourside is by far the most romantic restaurant in Auckland. It’s great for a romantic date, a good spot for friends and family, and offers an extensive menu with something for everyone.

The service at Harbourside is impeccable and attentive without being intrusive. If you want an elegant birthday dining experience without breaking the bank, you must go to this waterfront gem to find the best birthday restaurant in Auckland.

A Brief History of Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill

The Harbourside seafood restaurant in Auckland Viaduct harbour first opened in 1988 and underwent several ownership changes until Good Group Hospitality took ownership in 2013 when it underwent a renovation. Today, it’s the ultimate destination for venison, fillet, and seafood lovers who enjoy a menu filled with all kinds of delicious options.

Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill: Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Harbourside is a unique dining experience for the people of Auckland, New Zealand. The mission of Harbourside is to deliver a unique dining experience with fresh seafood, fillet, venison, and local produce.

The vision of Harbourside is to create a memorable experience that every customer will want to come back for again and again. The value of Harbourside includes delivering quality food with friendly service in an environment that feels like home.

A True Auckland Harbourside Classic Culture

The Good Group is a collection of restaurants known for their premium fun dining experiences and great food, so it’s no surprise that this location has become extremely popular among patrons looking for good eats in Auckland. The seafood dishes on offer include local Kiwi favourites like crayfish and mussels.


Harbourside is where you’ll enjoy fresh seafood and other delicacies with great wine and martinis prepared by experienced chefs. We look forward to hosting your party, so please contact us to make reservations and see you soon.

  • Anton Leyland | Executive Chef

    Anton’s extensive career started at the Hyatt Regency in Auckland, but he quickly moved on to work for award winning chef Michael James at MJ’s and at Euro before heading across the Tasman. He landed a job at Tetsuya under Martin Benn. Anton’s love of fusing culturally polarised cuisines was born when Tetsuya was on the forefront of melting haute French fine dining with Japanese simplicity and executional perfectionism.
    Anton moved on to work for Gulf Air, which allowed him to experience the flavours of the world. After a stint as Area Manager for Bid Food, he landed the role of Head of Recipe Development at My Food Bag, one of NZ fastest growing companies.
    Anton joined Good Group Hospitality in 2023, where he continues his success story as Executive Chef.

  • Kenji Yoshitsuka | Executive Pastry Chef

    Kenji joined the Harbourside team in 2021 and has been creating divine desserts for our guests ever since. With a rare talent for matching flavours and a keen eye for presentation, his desserts are a feast for the eye and the belly. Kenji was inspired by his grandparents’ cooking skills to become a chef. His passion for cooking mixed with his creative flair allow Kenji to balance the feeling of being at home, while also being innovative.
    Crowned as “Young Chef to watch” in Cuisine Magazine 2022, we’ll keep a close eye on his next creations for Harbourside.

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